10-year Reunion

The 10-year Reunion was a blast! Lots of thanks again to the girls who put it together (listed at the bottom of this page)!

   Here is a link to the pictures (Updated 1/21/04*):

         MDHS Class of 93 10-Year Reunion Pictures

   If you have any pictures of anything / anyone I've missed, or otherwise good pictures, please send them to Also, please send any corrections to the picture labels to this address.

   And here is a short video from the Saturday night dance**:

         Video from Sat. Night at MDHS 10-Year Reunion

   * Thanks to Jan (Taber) Temple for the JanCam, Misty (Robinson) Welter for the MistyCam, and Christina Hightower for the ChristinaCam.
   ** Thanks to Bob Duncan for the web space for the video.


Other Reunions???

  Maybe someday we'll have an online reunion. Or maybe someone will organize a class dinner at a local restaurant. If we do something like this, let's list it here!


     ** PLEASE NOTE: We are gathering pictures for the website, and would very much like to get pictures from each and every one of you, pictures from "then", from "now", "family" pictures, etc. Please e-mail the pictures to
             - Please include your name and the name of any others in the photo. Thanks!
             - Also, if you've got any pictures from the reunion of anyone/anything I may have missed, please send them!


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